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Pakistan Welfare & Cultural Association of Ireland

The Pakistan Welfare & Cultural Association of Ireland (PWCA) is a voluntary mass organization of All Pakistani’s regardless of their residential status, socio-economic standing, and political, ethnic or sectarian sensibilities.


PWCA is a social, cultural and educational organization

PWCA was Incorporated in March 2009. Fundamentally, it is non-profitable, non-ethnic, non-sectarian, and non-political in character.
The charter of the Association is to provide a centralized focus for the activities of the Pakistani community at large, and to promote the educational, social and cultural heritage of its members for the benefit as well as for the benefit of the Irish society in general. The association uses its resources to enhance intra-communal harmony and cooperates with other organizations pursuing similar objectives.

Its further aim and objectives are:
To promote and or undertake charitable causes.
To facilitate the successful integration and contribution of Pakistanis within the multicultural Ireland.
To provide a community centre for the benefit of the community as a whole.

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Upcoming Events
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